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Website Design Gurgaon, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing Company Gurgaon
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Website Design Gurgaon, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing Company Gurgaon
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Corporate Multimedia 2D 3D Presentation

Interactive CD ROMS

Our Multimedia & Design Solutions offers a wide variety of professional multimedia solutions for all of your needs. We offer complete art, animation, photo manipulation, graphics, interactive presentation CDs, sound/voice/music editing and creation, audio CDs, FLASH, Director and more. We can help you design and create professional, top quality, cutting edge multimedia presentation with the latest tools.Infinite IT Solutions has the expertise to deliver solid, well designed CD based technologies for a range of applications including: - Sales - Presentations - Training - Catalogues - Education - Reference - Storage.

Corporate Presentations

In any presentation situation, an engaging audio/visual component will immediately command more attention from an audience and subconsciously garner more respect for the ideas presented within. At Infinite IT Solutions, we work closely with our clients and their presentation content throughout the production process to ensure that all audio and graphical elements integrate seamlessly with the informational content. Our philosophy of viewing all the elements of a presentation as parts of a whole lends itself to the production of presentations which offer a continuous experience, rather than a series of disjointed bullet point graphical representations. For a successful and high quality corporate presentation we use latest authoring softwares such as Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Director (depending on the complexity of the media and client hardware specifications) or Microsoft Powerpoint.Our presentations immediately set themselves apart from the rest through the use of computer animation, digital video, and digital audio. Any of these elements can be combined or used alone, depending on the scope of the presentation. We can generate custom graphics, shoot on-location photo and video (customer testimonials, product demonstrations, site tours, etc.), and/or make use of any existing media you might already have.

3D animation & Walkthrough

It is often difficult to communicate a design or sell a concept verbally. Utilizing animations and three dimensional renderings effectively solves this problem. As both technical, and design-oriented animators, we use state of the art software to accurately deliver messages visually for a client. Character animation has gained popularity as of late. Companies increasingly utilize corporate mascots and animated marks to get a company's vision across. Technical animation is even higher in demand as big industry utilizes 3D models and animations to visually represent their company process from the comfort of a client's office or the expanse of a convention hall. If you are seeking a detailed technical rendering of your product or if you are producing an animated feature (of any length)... look no further.We also create 3D walk throughs which gives a real life-like environment of the 3D space.

When you want to showcase a property, still images just wont do. what you need is a virtual tour. These allow you to look at a property in full 360 degree view. We will take photographs in a 360 degree field of vision, stitch them together and process them to create a stunning panoramic view.

Using Virtual Walkthroughs, we can recreate an architectural space in 3D and allow users to explore the virtual world. This can be linear, such as a fly-by view, or interactive, where users can explore at their leisure and interact with objects.

Use 3D images on your next web or CD catalog instead of lifeless product photographs. Let users move the object around as if it were in front of them and let them take a closer look by zooming in and out. Using Veiwpoint and Shockwave 3D, we can recreate your products with precision and author them for web or CD release.

Electronic Catalog

Electronic product catalogs increase the accessibility and portability of product information and increase the cost-effectiveness of updating, reproducing, and distributing product information.We develop electronic catalogs that are a powerful presentation tool and a dynamic way to market your products and services. We design your catalog to be intuitive and user-friendly, regardless of the quantity of your data.

Interface Design

Interface design involves, overall process of designing how a user will be able to interact with a software application or web site.User interface design is involved in many stages of product development, including: requirements analysis, information architecture, interaction design, screen design, user testing, documentation, and help system design. We develop the best possible interface, which look simple, more attractive and easy to use.

Advance Flash Scripting

We use Actionscript in Macromedia Flash to achieve high end user interface. We also create special effects in Macromedia Flash which enhance the look and feel of the websites as well as CD-ROM presentations.

Responsive Designs developed by infinite IT Solutions will make you VISIBLE ON ALL PLATFORMS, from desktops to laptops, tablets, phablets and smartphones. Our designs run on single URL across all platforms, are cost-effective and most important are SEO friendly.

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